With SodaRentalClub, managing rentals becomes a great experience where every click is intuitive from the start so you can get more done in less time.



You no longer have to deal with complicated queries and analyses that only cost time. Because with the clear calendar in the dashboard you can easily and specifically query information about arrival, departure, pickup and return. You can also get more information about guests and customers with just one click. This is the best way to manage your resources.

  • Practical overview
  • More information
  • Quick Actions

Availability Check

Submit requests and check if your items or units are available for rent within a certain period. Make notes after inquiries you receive from your clients and respond quickly.

  • Fast response
  • All in one place
  • Best use of resources
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Image Booking.png

Add options to your Rentals

The Options function makes it easy to add additional cross-selling items to a booking. Whether it's breakfast, extra towels, or additional insurance, Options makes it easy to add value for your guests and customers.

  • Added value
  • Cross-Selling
  • Infinite options

Partner Feature

For Rental Business:

  • check.svg Enable partner network and configure your business - so partners can find and follow you
  • check.svg Receive and manage rental requests from your partners
  • check.svg Provide a commission to you partners for successful bookings

Partner Feature

For Agencies and Hotels:

  • Vector.svg Search for rental businesses nearby and follow them
  • Vector.svg Send rental requests for your guests or customers
  • Vector.svg Receive a commission for successful booking
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Powerful Statistics

Based on the statistics, essential measures can be derived quite easily. Find out more about your total sales, which period has the highest sales and is therefore particularly relevant, and of course which assets are performing well and which need to be optimized. With the statistics in various practical representations you learn more about your business and make the optimal decisions.

  • Clear view
  • Derive measures
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Image Booking (1).png
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Bookings vs Rentals

What is the difference between Bookings and Rentals? Bookings are related to units per night, and rentals per hour. We thought about it and the Soda Renta Club App gives you the ability to do both things through the app.

  • Rooms and/or items
  • Clear separation
  • two business models

Customer Management

Keep track of guests and customers and their individual preferences with our easy-to-use people management feature. Get information about wishes, habits and preferences at a glance and increase customer satisfaction

  • Identify needs
  • Customer management
  • Strengthen loyalty
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Image Booking.png
Icon-Options Copy.png

Send Invoices

Last but not least, Soda Rental Club offers you an easy way to generate invoices, send them to your customers and the ability to print a PDF document. In an easier and faster way, invoice will get where it needs to go.

  • Invoice management
  • Send automatically
  • PDF format

Get the best out of your rental business

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